Nintendo And Google Partner For Search-Based Game

Have you ever been in a “Google Fight”, where two users choose a Google term, search for it, and see which one has more hits? If you haven’t, crawl out from under the rock, and while you’re at it, get ready for the fruits of a new Nintendo-Google partnership: a game based on searching called Ando Kensaku.

The game doesn’t have too much information, but as reported by Engadget, the game has “players compete by guessing the most popular search term.” This is definitely an interesting move for Nintendo, who recently released their new DS model entitled the DSi XL and claimed that they were investigating social gaming as a possibility.

While this game doesn’t have any social elements involving social networking, it can be argued that Nintendo has always focused on the social elements of games. Teamwork, competition and communication have been staples in Nintendo games as far back as we can remember, and they’ve always attempted to focus the Nintendo DS on it’s ability to link together. This was even a feature with the Gameboy so many years ago.

So will Ando Kensaku mark the beginning of a series of casual, web-enabled games? If so, how long is it until we see Wii versions of Facebook games that leverage Facebook Connect? I imagine the 60 million Wiis sitting in households around the world would be great conduits for people to check in on their Farm from the comfort of their living room.

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