NJ Wants Authority Over Politico’s So-Called ‘Raciness’

In a story today in the “Media Mob” section, The New York Observer reveals a deep-seated competition between NJ and Politico that has been in the works for sometime – at least on the part of NJ.

NJ’s “newly configured” Web site sans firewall is set for launch in September.

To be sure, punches were pulled.

“Politico introduced a whole new standard of, I wouldn’t say quality, but I would say velocity and metabolism. I responded way too slowly,” The Atlantic Media Company owner David Bradley told The Observer.

Bradley went on to distinguish NJ and Politico like this: “They are going to be at the more racy, tabloid end of the spectrum,” said Mr. Bradley. “That seems to be the position they have chosen. I think we’ll be more of the authoritative end.”

Politico’s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei fired back: “People come to us because we break news, we are authoritative and we help readers understand how Washington really works,” he said. “I think Bradley’s description is clearly motivated by business interests.”