NJ’s Matt Cooper is Reigned Comedic King

About 200 people gathered at Riot Act comedy club in Penn Quarter last night to watch Washington journos attempt to be funny. And some actually were, just don’t ask DCist’s Ben Freed about humor, we hear he’s fresh out.

The event, Commedia dell Media IV, was held to raise money for Writopia and REACH, Incorporated.

NJ‘s Matt Cooper stole the show. His prize was a giant tiara. He said his victory showed it wasn’t all about the swimsuit competition.

Some of his riffs about the presidential candidates:

  • “These guys are making George W. Bush look like Churchill.”
  • “Can Barack Obama really be so lucky as to draw Alan Keyes and Rick Santorum in one lifetime?”
  • Depicting a world of illegal contraceptives under Santorum: [Opening his jacket like a drug dealer] “I got Trojans, KY, Nuvarings. How ‘bout a sponge?”
  • An imitation of John Edwards getting his top aide to claim his mistress’s baby: “ I need you to do me a solid.” Then adding a Clinton impression: “Man, even I never thought of that.”

See all who participated after the jump…

A stellar lineup of competed for the title of “DC’s Funniest Journalist”: Alan Bjerga, Bloomberg, Freed, DCist, Jamie McIntyre, NPR, Elahe Izadi, WAMU, Erin McPike, Real Clear Politics, Lisa Bonos, WaPo, Matt Cooper, NJ, PJ Tobia, PBS, Rachel Dry, WaPo, and Riz Khan, Al Jazeera English.

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