NLRB Sets Deadline for Thomson Reuters Settlement

Thomson Reuters and its unionized employees now have until April 28 to reach a settlement, or the National Labor Relations Board will issue a complaint against the company that will lead to an administrative trial.

The Newspaper Guild of New York announced today that the NLRB will await the outcome of an April 26 bargaining session between Thomson Reuters and the Guild, over which a federal mediator will preside. If a settlement isn’t reached, the NLRB will issue the complaint, which will carry three new charges, “namely that management illegally changed the health care and the 401(k) plans and that it illegally applied a code of conduct to Guild-covered employees that was never negotiated with the union.”

The Guild and management have been engaged in this contract dispute for more than two years. “The Guild estimates that employees have lost more than $2.4 million a year in compensation because of management’s illegally imposed work rules,” the Guild says in its release. “The company’s two imposed pay raises, by comparison, each amounted to less than $400,000.” Stay tuned for updates.

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