No Appearance by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at Apple's Developer Conference, But is There a Microsoft iPhone/iPad Surprise Anyway?

Apple is having a bit year. A line of successful products has helped propel its market capitilization value to past Microsoft. In other words, from a total stock price point of view (number of shares multipled by stock price), it is now larger than Microsoft. Apple is so big, that rumors surrounding its upcoming annual developers conference (WWDC) included an appearance by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Is Silverlight for iPhone finally on its way? (ZDNet)

This was, however, denied by Microsoft via tweet from its official Twitter account (@Microsoft) and reported by Engadget.

Debunk: Steve Ballmer not speaking at WWDC

However, while it is clear that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer won’t make an appearance at WWDC, I wouldn’t be surprised if a less senior Microsoft executive made an interesting announcement or two there. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is an obvious announcement. A port of Microsoft Silverlight for the iPhone and iPad seems unlikely, but, who knows?

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