No Hulu on Your Flash Enabled Froyo Powered Nexus One: How About Google TV?

I noted my disappointment with Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android beta running on my Nexus One yesterday. In fact, I was so unimpressed that I uninstalled it shortly after testing to avoid the browser slowdown itreportedly causes. I also noted that Hulu blocks its streaming content from being viewed on mobile devices (although there are workarounds).

The Android platform used in several popular smartphones is not limited to mobile devices though. As NewTeeVee reports:

Hulu on Android Foreshadows Google TV War

The issue at hand is that workaround I alluded to above. It involves making a change to the Android browser’s user agent setting. This same setting change would allows Google TV settop boxes to view Hulu streaming video content. This is not something Hulu appears interested in occuring given its blockage of content for users of the free Boxee media center software.

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