No “Meme” Without “Me:” Henry Blodget Has His Own Urban Dictionary Entry

Henry Blodget, the CEO of Business Insider, can add a new position to his resume: Pop culture meme.

Blodget, you may recall, entered into an epic battle of Twits with Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon over Web content or Justin Beiber or whatever after reports that Blodget fired Clusterstock managing editor John Carney for not posting enough galleries or finance stories relating to puppies and boobs.

Now, someone who goes by the handle “ZeFrank” has immortalized Blodger with an entry on the go-to source for slang,

Read the full entry, after the jump:

to Blodgetize (v): to proclaim something as fact even though the information stated originates from deep inside one’s ass. Most appropriate when making predictions of a company’s stock price, earning estimates, or other financial related facts. Henry Blodget, the disgraced internet analyst, is known to have perfected the technique of passing off complete bullshit stock estimates as fact in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Gene Muenster predicted there would be 600K iPads sold over Easter weekend. That way way off, he completely Blodgetized his estimates.

Oh, girl. That is mean as hell. And misleading: The collective memory being what it is, it’s more than slightly exaggerated to refer to Blodget as “disgraced.” He’s maybe “mildly embarrassed.”

Besides. Doesn’t “blodget” sound more like something you’d do with a tea cup and monocle whilst riding in a dirigible? No?