No One Wants to Buy Twitter

Sad tweet.

Things just keep getting more grim for Twitter. According to Bloomberg, not only have Google, Apple and Disney all decided against buying the social network, Salesforce is also out.

Just a few days ago Salesforce was considered the last man standing. That was before Salesforce investors expressed their disapproval:

At Salesforce’s investor conference this past week, several investors talked to Chief Financial Officer Mark Hawkins and other executives about how they weren’t pleased with the idea of a Twitter buyout, according to another person familiar with the matter. They made their feelings known during small huddles near the stage and other areas around the meeting room. High-profile investors also e-mailed Hawkins, who forwarded the messages to his CEO and the board.

With all potential buyers jumping ship, Twitter will now try to appeal to new users through the use of live video. Don’t worry, Twitter. We still love you.

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