No Sign of iPhone 3G Tethering From AT&T – But, It Makes Sense

T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 internet sharing app

I was amused by this item in the Wall Street Journal…

IPhone Tethering Still Unavailable, AT&T Says

Why? Well, having spent much of the past year being disappointed with AT&T’s wireless coverage in my area, I found that T-Mobile’s 3G service is even less available than AT&T here (though its voice coverage is better). To compound the irony, my T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 fully supports both wired (USB) and wireless (Bluetooth) tethering but doesn’t have a viable 3G network to use it with. AT&T’s 3G coverage is larger here but I can’t tether anything to my iPhone 3G. And, oh yes, as far as I can tell, T-Mobile doesn’t charge any additional fee to tether.

But, guess what? I agree with AT&T’s decision to keep tethering off the table for now. AT&T freely says that their network is ready for an onslaught of tethered iPhones. I’m not happy about the situation. But, I’d rather have a stable network ready for tethered iPhones than a slow unstable one. I just wish AT&T would give us some kind of timetable.

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