No Surprise: iPad Being Used for Web Browsing (perspective)

Didn’t the iPad emerge from hiding just under 2 weeks ago on April 3? And, yet, according to the New York Times:

iPad Online Use Approaches Android, BlackBerry

To be fair, the NYT does put it all in perspective by also noting that the iPad’s webshare is a hair (0.001%) less than the web browser share for Windows ME (remember that awful follow-up to the great Windows 98/98SE?). They also note that the iPhone’s browser-share is about 2000% more than the iPad’s.

I’ve been using my iPad a lot for browsing websites. I’d say the overall experience is just as good as using Android OS 2.1’s browser on my Nexus One and Droid. And, of course, the iPad’s larger screen gives it an advantage when viewing websites not optimized for small mobile phone screens.

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