No You Aren't Hallucinating, The Facebook Live Feed Is Real-Time

Back when Facebook first released the “live feed” a few months ago, many users noticed that the feed was not really in real-time. Previously, FriendFeed was the only service that could display real-time feed display. However now that Facebook acquired FriendFeed, they’ve also figured out how to actually make the feed real-time. While they may not be using the FriendFeed technology for this, it’s a great upgrade.

One of our readers, Shaun McLane, noticed that the feed was now real-time and sent us a video of the update. We also went ahead and published a screencast below of the feed scrolling in real-time. While many users are experiencing technical issues with the new feed, the streaming version is a welcomed addition for many of those who were bored with a static feed.

Personally, having constant updates became annoying once the novelty factor wore off for me and after hundreds of people, the live updates were what made FriendFeed less useful for me before. On Facebook however, most people are not friends with thousands of people so having feed overload in the real-time feed is probably not as big of a risk.

Do you prefer viewing the feed in real-time or do you prefer refreshing the page?

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