A Job Title Straight Out of Dr. Seuss

Leslie Merinoff's main influencer is Theodor Geisel.

It may look like a typo, but it’s not.

Thing 2 really is Leslie Merinoff’s job title of choice at a Brooklyn rum distillery. The explanation for this most unusual moniker was part of a fun Oct. 25 New York Times column by Contently vp of content Sam Slaughter:

“My boss was having a hard time figuring out what the titles should be, so she told me to come up with one that would encompass everything I’m doing,” Ms. Merinoff explained. “And Dr. Seuss had a really big influence on my life.”

The Noble Experiment NYC was founded in 2012, which may help explain the laissez-faire attitude. Startups often bear the brunt of the blame for the sheer range of bizarre jobs, and often for good reason. They start small, with little to no structure and roles that shift week to week as the company evolves.

In the 2013 Hollywood adaptation of Cat in the Hat, Brittany Oaks played the part of Thing Two. A year later, in an episode of Parks and Recreation, she would trump that by guesting as Ssassandra Ssassnorp.

P.S. On Twitter, Merinoff lists herself as Thug 2. We’re guessing that’s a nod to the fact that hip-hop also had a really big influence on her life.

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