Nobody Wants To Follow Your Recruitment Agency On Twitter

“Nearly all Recruiters I talk with about using some type of social media for recruitment just want to post job adverts and wait for candidates to apply,” writes Thomas Shaw at Recruitment Directory. Then they complain, he says, about nobody following them.

“Only posting job adverts to Twitter is just not good enough…there is already a service you use for that. It’s called a job board.”

Recruiters that have something to add to the conversation do more than just post their jobs. Ed. Note: However, posting on Twitter is free and Monster costs big bucks. If you’re lucky enough to be retweeted by a jobsearch bot it may not matter how many followers you have.

However, Shaw’s right in that twitter feeds that just pump out job listings “tend to create a lot of noise” and we think you can do better.

Are you following any recruiters on Twitter who get it?