Noel Gallagher Thinks Celebrities Are Ruining Twitter

Noel Gallagher thinks Twitter is a great idea – but it’s been ruined by celebrities.

In an interview with Yahoo!, the former Oasis guitarist says he thinks that Twitter started out with good intentions, meant to connect ordinary people around the world. However, once celebrities got on there, he thinks it all went downhill.

He doesn’t have his own Twitter account, and he believes that if fans know less about their idols they’ll enjoy their music even more.

So that’s probably part of the reason he’s not a huge fan of Twitter in its current incarnation.

Gallagher specifically says that celebrities have taken over Twitter from ordinary people, and given it a “bad rap”:

“I’m not a tweeter … Stuff like, ‘Oh I’m going for a shower,’ great. ‘I slept in again, bugger.’ Life’s too short for that kind of thing but I think those things like Facebook and twitter and stuff were started with the best of intentions to connect ordinary people around the world, like daughters travelling in Europe can tweet their mums. But as with everything celebrities get involved and bastardise it, trying to sell you their s**t. There’s too much of that. Anything that’s of any use famous people get hold of it and take it for themselves and it gets a bad rap. I’m like sitting here and thinking I hate twitter and I don’t know why.”

He also sees another reason why Twitter and celebrities don’t go well together: too much information about famous faces ruins the “mystery and magic” behind larger-than-life figures, like musicians.

He says that when he was obsessed with The Smiths, for instance, he didn’t know anything about them or when their next album was coming out. He didn’t get a tweet saying that they were in the studio. He had to wait until the album actually came out – something that us Tweeters may have become desensitized to.