Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook $299 with 2-Year AT&T Contract-But Why Lock Yourself In?

Well, Engadget gives us the answer to what the subsidized cost for Nokia’s super-expensive ($599) netbook is…

Nokia tells all on Booklet 3G: $299 with a 2-year contract on AT&T

Here’s my thinking about this…

1. Netbooks are great. I carry one every week day (and some weekend days)
2. 3G wireless data plans are great (I have two of them)
3. Netbooks tied to two-year 3G wireless data contracts are NOT great. In fact, this is a horrendously bad idea

Why tie yourself for two years to a hardware category that obsoletes itself every six months?

My opinion is that most people are better off buying a MiFi type device that provides 3G wireless data to any WiFi enabled device you carry (up to 5 simultaneously). So, you an use any netbook, phone, or any other kind of WiFi-enabled mobile internet device. You can even share your signal if traveling with co-workers or friends. But, be careful of that 5GB per month data limit.