Nokia C7 (Astound in the U.S.) Angry Birds Magic Requires NFC to Unlock Levels: Bad Marketing Move?

Here’s a marketing move destined to backfire:

Rovio To Launch Angry Birds Free with Magic, Requires NFC To Unlock Levels (via TheNextWeb)

Angry Birds Magic will be preloaded on the Nokia C7 as part of an update to its Symbian platform. NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communications which is a short range wireless technology designed for secure ecommerce and information transfer. The Nokia C7 is a new phone based on Symbian which will slowly disappear from Nokia’s product line over the next few years. The C7 is branded as the Nokia Astound in the U.S. and sold through T-Mobile USA.

Bundling anything associated with Rovio’s Angry Birds is a good thing. But, bundling an incentive like this should be a 100% bonus for the customer. Nokia, however, is requiring that new C7 users find another C7 user to use NFC to activate levels beyond the 5. The C7 is not the iPhone. Unless you live in an area where Nokia phones dominate (not in the U.S.), it is unlikely that a C7 user will find another C7 user to unlock levels 6 and up. It looks like you need to find 3 other C7 users to unlike levels 6-10, 11-15 and 16-20.

I predict Nokia and Rovio will have to unlock levels 6 through 20 within a few weeks or have a small but angry group of C7 owners to deal with.

Video courtesy of NokiaConversations

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