Nokia Drop from Nokia Beta Labs: Simple But Interesting Demo of Desktop to Phone Screen Interaction

Nokia Beta Labs provides a simple but interesting demonstration of how the multiple screens in ours lives (a notebook computer and a Nokia Symbian-based phone in this case) can have dynamic interaction.

Introducing Nokia Drop. Push links and photos to your phone

Nokia Drops provides the ability to push photos you see while browsing a website on your desktop or notebook directly to a Nokia Symbian^3 or S60 5th Edition phone and have it become a wallpaper there with just a single tap on the phone’s screen. Links from websites can also be sent over to the phone with just a single phone tap involved.

These activities take many taps and a fair amount of typing without something like Nokia Drop. This is the sort of concept prototyping that we need to see more of on other platforms. However, it is also something that needs to be approached with a lot of caution. You can imagine what would happen if a security exploit is present in this process.

Video courtesy of nokia