Nokia N8 Prematurely Reviewed

Image courtesy of Nokia

PC World notes that the specs for the unreleased Nokia N8 looks very good. Yet, what appeared to be a review of a pre-release unit was unfavorable.

Nokia N8 Boasts Beefy Specs, Revamped Symbian 3 OS

Nokia Conversations, Nokia’s official blog, commented directly on the situation stating that the device reviewed was an early prototype that was in the hands of people who were not authorized to have it.

One of Our children is Missing

This sure sounds a lot like Apple’s stolen 4th generation iPhone last week. Like Apple, Nokia would like their missing prototype back.

The N8 is the first phone built around the next generation Symbian OS (not to be confused with Nokia’s Maemo or its followup object with Intel: MeeGo). It features a 12 megapixel camera and a multitouch display. Nokia provides an estimated retail price of 370 Euros ($488 at current conversion rates).

Nokia press release: Nokia N8. Connect. Create. Entertain.

Nokia N8 product page

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