Nokia Tells Us: 10 Things You Should Know About the Nseries Smartphones

We don’t see many Nokia phones in the U.S. And, if you do, there is a good chance it is a Nokia feature phone and not one of their smartphones. In particular, you probably rarely see someone using one of Nokia’s great Nseries phones. I used an N96 as my primary voice phone for nearly a year (disclosure: Nokia USA provided the device for testing and evaluation) and came to appreciate its rock solid voice phone, stable Bluetooth stack, and amazing photo and video recording capabilities.

Nokia’s Nseries has morphed quite a bit int the past year. We saw the introduction of the last S60 based phone, the N97. We saw the introduction of the first and, probably, last Maemo-based phone, the N900. And, we recently saw the leak and then hurried announcement of the Symbain^3 based N8. If all this is confusing, Nokia has a clarification of sorts in their Nokia Conversations blog:

Nokia Nseries… 10 things you should know

Here’s a couple of tidbits from the list of 10 things:

(2) Press #0000# on the N97 to check for available OTA (Over The Air) system updates
(9) More than 17 million photos uploaded to Flickr were taken on a Nokia Nseries phone
(10) More than 9 hours of video from Nseries phones are uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day

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