NookColor Update is Breaking Some NCs

There’s been a rash of reports in the last couple days that the latest NookColor has been breaking some tablets. There’s a 6 page long discussion over on the B&N Community website with dozens of complaints. Most seem to have the same problem; their NookColor won’t register and the Wifi doesn’t work.

Kevin of GottaBeMobile was the first to notice; the update broke his NookColor, too.

This is not a problem related to being rooted. I flashed my Nook Color back to the original firmware before performing the manual update that Josh posted about. Everything went well and I even was able to provide some video for you to see how nice the update was. Sadly, today is a different story.

If you’re having this problem, you might want to go read the B&N discussion threads. A couple users are reporting that they got their NCs working again. But they also mention several different solutions, so this problem mught actually be several problems, not one.