Nordstrom & Macy’s Among Top 10 Retailers on Social Media

While clothing retailers do well online in the world of visual media, Amazon and Costco customers are talking more about the brands offline.

Social media has become an important part of marketing strategies across industries, with retailers hoping to reap the biggest benefits during the holiday shopping season. While many marketers are tapping social media influencers to raise awareness for their brands, it’s really the unprecedented power of word-of-mouth brands are really looking to leverage.

According to a statement from Engagement Labs CEO Bryan Segal:

A retailer’s entire year is often determined in the months leading up to the holiday season.

To wit, Engagement Labs combined its eValue methodology with TalkTrack, from market research firm Keller Fay, to rank the top retailers in terms of both social media and word of mouth conversations.

Nordstrom, Macys and Hollister topped the list on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram respectively. According to the report, Nordstrom also had the highest eValue score on Facebook as well as the highest fan engagement. While Macy’s took the top spot on Twitter for its eValue and Responsiveness scores, Nordstrom came in second and had the fastest response time at 17 seconds.

Overall, clothing retailers dominated the social media rankings, Segal noted in a statement that this social success isn’t translating to offline conversions:

With social media focusing on visuals, it’s no surprise these clothing brands are performing well on social. … Instead we’re seeing retailers like Costco, Amazon and Kroger taking top spots for word of mouth sentiment, as they offer a wide-range of products that are driving conversations.

Check out the top 10 retailers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the retailers consumers talk about most below. 

eValue-and-TalkTrack-Rankings-Top-U.S.-RetailersImage courtesy of Nordstrom on Facebook.