Nordstrom Pulls Holiday Sweater Because ‘Oy Vey!’

For an upscale retailer, they got some chutzpah!

The holidays have been not the most wonderful time of the year for some notable brands.

Starbucks and their un-Christmasy red cups. Bloomingdales channeling its inner Bill Cosby with spiked egg nog. Target getting a laugh over mental disorders. And now, we have Nordstrom hitting the entire Jewish community in the kishka with their latest move.

That cornea inflammation waiting to happen is it — a Hanukkah sweater.

Sure, the design is heinous. And who knew chai was such a player at Bar Mitzvahs (note the collar). But check out the bottom rim of this body wrap suitable of Quasimodo — “Hanukkah J.A.P.” For those not in the know of what’s kosher or not, that means “Jewish American Princess.”

In other words, you may as well make fun of someone’s mama by calling her a nafka, because that ain’t cool. The pejorative caught on like fire and Nordstrom was faced with a choice — yank that joker off the rack or deal with the trolls (as seen on its Facebook page).

One post that is seeing the rounds said:

I’m glad @nordstrom took it down. Cute and kitschy is one thing but perpetuating negative sterotypes as supposedly cute or fun holiday wear is disgusting. I expect more of a large high end retailer such as Nordstrom. Especially when the version for men is just cute, why is the version for women derogatory? I hope Amazon takes it down as well. This is in extremely bad taste.

Another post read:

Oh no Nordstrom, say it isn’t so! My family has been shopping at Nordstrom from their shoe store and “Best Apparel” to the acquisition by Nordstrom and haven’t stopped shopping there since. To this day I only buy my shoes at Nordstrom. Now this terrible antisemitic incident? Why would an upscale store like Nordstrom resort to something so cheesy?

The retailer used some saykhel and pulled the sweater, but if you are so inclined, it can be found on Amazon, sans the JAP reference. No word on if Nordstrom fired the shlemiel who made this atrocity, but given the negative PR, we’re sure someone was verclempt about the whole thing.

[FEATURED PHOTO & H/T: Times of Israel]

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