Norm Macdonald Memoir Was Sparked by a Wikipedia Moment

A near-digital-death experience.

In support of Based on a True Story, a new memoir released Sept. 20, Norm Macdonald this week dropped all kinds of great web and sound bytes.

He told Vulture he thinks the recent criticism of Jimmy Fallon for patting Donald Trump’s hair was “absurd.” (We agree.) On The Howard Stern Show, Macdonald told a nine-minute “street joke.” And check out this nutty tidbit, offered up to the New York Daily News:

“One time I was in a hotel room in Edmonton, Canada and my manager called and told me that on my Wikipedia [page], it said I was dead and I looked on Wikipedia and sure enough, someone had changed my Wikipedia and said that I had died of a morphine overdose in the very hotel room I was standing in,” he said. “Reading my obituary… it sounded very chilling. Even though it was a joke.”

Macdonald says that after laughing at the idea that anyone still uses morphine, he got to work.

“That’s when I decided to write the book,” he said.

The bulk of the Daily News Confidenti@l piece involves confirmation that Steven Seagal was indeed the worst Saturday Night Live host ever.

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