Norton Apps Coming To Android

Peter Norton. The name conjures an image of a man in a white shirt, black tie, arm sleeves rolled up with arms crossed. Back in the early days of personal computing anyone who supported PCs was familiar with Norton Utilities, which provided tools for recovering data and seeing what was going with a computer’s hard disk. If you were a geek you probably had one of his books, which had a picture of him on the cover in the manner I described at the beginning of this article.

Norton later sold his company to Symantec, who today continues the Norton brand with products for Antivirus, Internet Security, and more. For the most part the Symantec Norton products have focused on PCs and Macs, though there have been Norton products over the years for Windows CE Handheld computers. Symantec is planning to release two products under the Norton brand for Android phones.

Norton Connect is an app for Android and the iPhone that will provide access to files based up using the Norton Online Backup service. Norton Security for Android is a malware scanner, call-blocking utility, and provides remote-wipe capability. Norton Security will also prevent from accidentally getting roaming charges. The programs should be available some time in June.