Norway Digitizing All of its Book for its Citizens to Access for Free Online

It should take about 20-30 years, but all of Norway’s books are getting digitized, and those with a Norway IP address can access them all, for free, online once they are scanned. Unfortunately, that means most of us won’t be able to access those books, but how many non-Norwegians speak or read Norwegian?

The National Library of Norway’s vision is to act as a national memory bank by providing a multimedia knowledge centre focusing on archiving and distribution. To achieve this vision the National Library of Norway shall be a modern digital national library – and thus a new form of national library.

Users should be able to enjoy access to a large variety of digital content from wherever they are located, and whenever they want. This means the National Library of Norway’s digital collection must be available in both the National Digital Library and through other online services.


For lucky Norwegians, the National Library of Norway also has a set of lofty, and incredible objectives:

  • Systematic digitization of the entire National Library of Norway collection
  • On demand digitization of on-demand material
  • Entering into agreements with publishers to ensure that as much content as possible is deposited in digital format
  • Serving as a digital archive and a secure archiving location for digital materials for both the National Library of Norway and other cultural institutions
  • Collaborating with strategic economic and professional partners
  • Providing access to as much as possible of the Norwegian cultural heritage
  • Entering into agreements with right owners to give access to materials that are not in the public domain
  • Being visible in search engines and relevant portals
  • Offering a modern digital online library service