‘Not Exactly A Bold-Faced Name’ Gets Exclusive With New Nets Owner

File this one under ‘bizarre’: when new New Jersey Nets owner, Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov was in town this week, he gave exactly two exclusive interviews. One to Mike Francesa of WFAN. The other to a 28-year-old who graduated from Columbia School of Journalism three days ago.

He is, as the NY Observer reports, “not exactly a bold-faced name.”

Vinnie Rotondaro told the Observer that “I was like man, what is this all about?”

Mr. Rotondaro said that he received an email about three weeks ago. It was light on details. In the note, he was asked if he would be interested in an exclusive interview with someone really important. It didn’t say who. If he was interested in pursuing this further, he should call this number. “I was kind of weirded out,” he said. “But they left a number and you might as well call back, right?”

He did. He ended up landing a 40-minute interview with Prokhorov, which he turned into a Q&A for a Columbia blog called Brooklyn Ink.

Why not the New York Times or the WSJ or ESPN or even Newsday?

A spokesman for Prokhorov told NYO that his client “believes in supporting young journalists and Vinnie just graduated this week from one of country’s most prestigious programs, the Columbia School of Journalism.”

Uh…just goes to show anything can happen?