Not For Squares: Gowalla Partners With National Geographic And The Washington Post

So far, it seems that Foursquare is garnering all the publicity where location-based social networking services that alternately creep out and annoy us are concerned, what with its new partnership with Time Out New York and Crain’s Chicago Business. But now another such network, Gowalla, is making an name for itself through partnerships with the likes of National Geographic and the Washington Post.

The magazines are collaborating with Gowalla on its “Trips” features, which allow users to check in to a location and discover site descriptions, maps, commentary (Gowalla users can add their own information about “Spots” on their “Trips”), and more. Like Foursquare, users can accumulate “badges” based on their visits. In Gowalla’s case, there are referred to as “pins” to place in a digital “passport” and “oh my god none of this is real enough to not require the use of quotation marks.”

Washington Post-sponsored trips are, in keeping with its roots, all based on exploring Washington DC. National Geographic offers more far-flung destinations, like a tour of the River Seine in Paris.