Not So Cunning: FBI Linguist Sentenced To Prison After Leaking Information To A Blogger

FBI linguist Shamai Leibowitz has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to having leaked classified information to a blogger. Some see Leibowitz’s sentence — the longest ever for a government employee charged with leaking security information to a member of the media — as indicative of the Obama administration’s commitment to and focus on weeding out those who leak information to the press.

During his hearing, Leibowitz was vague about what, exactly, he leaked, but said he done so in order to expose something he considered illegal.

Evidently, the fact the the member of the press to which Leibowitz leaked this classified information was a blogger has colored people’s perceptions of the incident. We are, you see, relatively unversed in the dark art of journalism. Also, we are scummy. Explains Lucy Dalglish of The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press”

At least when you have a leak to the mainstream media, you know there’s a little judgment and training there. You have some opportunity to try to talk people out of revealing information that shows sources or methods.