Not to Look Gift Horse in the Mouth But…

Distinguishing the gift bags from the Time-People party Friday night at the St. Regis to the MSNBC party at the Carnegie Melon Auditorium Saturday night is like night and day.

Time-People: a gigantic, heavy black bag of upscale lotions and potions.
MSNBC: This gift bag is more Secret Santa item than a delightful array of surprises. Items included Starbucks coffee, an Elvis Presley CD and individual ready brew coffee packets. (A perk: Partygoers could take as many bags as they pleased.)

> Update: We’re hearing that the gift bag from the Capital File Party at the Mayflower Hotel Saturday night was also lackluster. “It had a piece of chocolate in it, a candle, a bottle of water and some hotel advertisements. BORING!” an attendee surmised.

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