Notes From the B5 Media Launch Party

You’re from the Internet? We heard you like cupcakes. Nick McGlynn photo.

Media types of the Internet stripe flocked to B5 Media’s launch party for its trio of lady-centric blogs last night at Manhattan’s Kingswood lounge. Drinks flowed from the open bar as guests munched on complimentary cupcakes (aside from bacon, perhaps the Internet’s most highly fetishized foodstuff). Ultragrrrl (DJ by night, global PR firm employee by day) even got some people dancing. We don’t have a smartphone, but we imagine the Foursquare checkins were off the charts.

We didn’t gather a ton of intel, but there were a few noteworthy tidbits. We hear B5 plans to roll out a pop culture – oriented parenting site (sounds interesting), and a men’s lifestyle site should be launching later this year. We also hear that the gears are grinding hard at existing sites Crushable, TheGloss, and BlissTree, where writers are on a strict 10-post-per-day quota.

All in all a fun time! There were even crudites and hummus. For more photos, check out Random Night Out. A list of some of the revelers after the jump.

• Business Insider editor Joe Weisenthal


• Fashism founder Brooke Moreland

• Econsultancy blogger Meghan Keane

• B5 people: Former FBNYers Amanda Ernst and Drew Grant; Erin Carlson, Crushable; b5 launch consultant and Gawker founding editor Elizabeth Spiers; Lilit Marcus, editor of; BlissTree’s Briana Rognlin and Christine Egan

• John Carney, former Business Insider turned senior editor

• Opinionistas blogger Melissa Lafsky

•’s Fred Mwangaguhunga

• Gawker’s Richard Blakely

• GigaOM’s Ryan Lawler

• DailyFinance’s Jeff Bercovici

AND founder Laurel Touby