Now Shuttered GenArt Has Yet to Refund Exhibitor Fees

So much for leaving on a melancholic-but-uplifting note. Two weeks ago, we reported that the popular art/fashion event coordination group GenArt was closing its doors after 16 years in business, having been bled dry during the recession as financial partnerships fell apart. Now, thanks to a link from ArtInfo, the news comes out that the organization has yet to pay back any of the exhibition fees to the creatives who had paid for space in their upcoming, now canceled events. Although they’ve said they stopped accepting payments a while back and have promised to return all the money they took in, they’ve yet to send out any refunds and “calls and emails to organizers have not been returned.” Granted, even after the money runs out, it’s a tricky thing to shut down a whole company, and the news of their closure only hit two weeks ago, so they could have slowed down a bit as they muddle through the process, but it certainly isn’t the best way to go out.

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