NPD Says iPhone/iPod touch Owners Lead the Online Web Content Download Pack

Here’s something that comes under the category of “things I already believed was true but it is good to have numbers to back up that belief” from NPD:

When It Comes to Downloading Content from the Web, Connected iPhone and iPod Touch Users Lead The Pack

NPD obtained completed surveys from 10,356 people 13 or older and found that 16% (a bit less than 1 out of 6 people) are using something other than a home computer to download entertainment content from the web. Naturally, iPhone and iPod touch owners led the way. 75% of that device owning group got their entertainment content online. Compare this to the 19% of game console users (presumably both stationary and portable) and 17% of Blu-ray disc player owners. Quite frankly, I’m surprised the Blu-ray percentage is so high since most players are not near an Ethernet jack and may not have a WiFi feature or option.

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