NPR and SAG-AFTRA Have a New 3-Year Contract

It was ratified today

After a particularly contentious and public negotiation phase that went down to the extended-time wire, a new three-year contract between NPR and SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents NPR employees, is now in place. The contract was ratified last week by NPR’s union-represented employees and signed today at NPR HQ in Washington by NPR and SAG-AFTRA.

“NPR and SAG-AFTRA have shared a long and productive relationship throughout the years,” read the joint statement from SAG-AFTRA and NPR. “This was evident in the recent negotiations, as NPR and SAG-AFTRA’s bargaining teams worked tirelessly and constructively to find common ground. Today NPR and SAG-AFTRA together celebrate the tremendous talents of NPR’s news and programming teams and look forward to supporting NPR’s mission and service to the American public.”

The contract finalizes a tentative agreement that was reached a few minutes past midnight on Sunday, July 16, averting a potential strike that NPR’s union staff had been exploring had negotiations continued to stall as the clock ran down on the old contract, which had already been extended to accommodate continuing negotiations. A #WeMakeNPR campaign and website created by NPR union employees to call attention to the talks achieved its mission, bringing a significant amount of attention and coverage to this year’s negotiations.