It’s Official: NPR Announces ‘Morning Edition’ Executive Producer

For the past six months Tracy Wahl has been the acting Executive Producer of NPR’s “Morning Edition.” This morning they announced her permanent place in the role.

“Tracy Wahl will be Morning Edition’s next Executive Producer,” NPR announced in a morning release. “Tracy has been acting EP for the past six months, during which she drove the show’s coverage of major stories, from the Boston Marathon bombings to the NSA leaks story. During the same period, Morning Edition produced ambitious reporting from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran.”

She joined Morning Edition in 2008 and has been with NPR since 1997.

Under Wahl will be Lynette Clemetson, who will be one of Tracy’s top deputies as a Senior Supervising Editor.

Lynette is the Director of StateImpact and will remain with that team until late September when NPR’s role in the project winds down. Prior to joining NPR, Lynette was a domestic correspondent for NYT, where she covered politics and social issues. Before that, she was a national and international correspondent for Newsweek. Noteworthy: She was the first managing editor of