NPR Launches Free App and Site for iPAD

NPR today announced the launch of the NPR App and a “fully optimized” website for the iPad. The site and app are free and offer two ways to experience NPR’s content, states a release.

Details: “Using a magazine-style presentation, the NPR App highlights News, Arts & Life, and Music content, all core editorial strengths for NPR. It is also the ideal destination to discover hundreds of NPR stations and their programs. The website features all of’s content, including its signature photo journalism, but has been optimized for the touch screen and given a more prominent audio player on the assumption that listening will be a key part of the iPad experience.”

Said Vivian Schiller, president and CEO of NPR: “Our surveys indicate that a large number of NPR listeners will also be heavy iPad users, and so we aggressively pursued a web/app experience for launch.”

(Schiller may want to be careful about using “heavy” and “pad” in the same sentence. The iPad name jokes are going to be endless.)