NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’ Hits the Ancient Road

For the next two weeks, NPR News’ “Morning Edition” will travel the Grand Truck Road, which connects some of the world’s great landmarks and some of its worst conflict zones.

The road stretches across South Asia through India to Pakistan, from Calcutta to New Delhi, Lahore to Peshawar and beyond.

A team of NPR correspondents and producers plans to explore the lives of young people along this ancient route in a series of special reports on “Morning Edition” and at from May 12-21. During the trip, will offer an interactive feature that traces the journalists’ exploration of the road, offering stories and images, plus maps, photo galleries and audio slideshows.

NPR’s reporting team includes foreign correspondents Philip Reeves, from New Delhi, and Julie McCarthy, from Pakistan. Host Steve Inskeep will anchor their coverage, returning to a region he began visiting shortly after 9/11.

“Everyone says this is the hottest, absolutely worst possible time to go to South Asia,” Inskeep said in a release. “I don’t mind. It’s exciting to try to look beyond the headlines in India and Pakistan. We want to find how the news affects the next generation. And we want to do that along a road that holds a special place in the minds of people who know it.”

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