#NursesUnite Against ‘The View’ Because Joy Behar Isn’t Too Funny

...and because making fun of saving lives isn't good for PR.

The former pet project of Barbara Walters known as The View‘was supposed to a somewhat serious show about current events from a woman’s point of view.

That was when she was involved.

Now that the broadcasting legend is gone, this show has become a mockery of the news and is now the equivalent of a group of gossips discussing their personal lives at the salon.

The show’s credibility may have disappeared, but it’s looking for ratings while on life support at ABC. The latest reach happened a couple of days when Joy Behar decided to crack a few jokes about Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, who appeared in scrubs at Miss America 2016 during the talent competition.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over to well.

It’s easy to appreciate the idea that reading a monologue is not true talent, but seeing her point is another thing all together. And Michelle Collins’ crack about Alzheimers was not exactly high comedy either.

That was the birth of the #NursesUnite movement, which went viral in no time, namely because Behar and Collins have never been to a hospital where real people go and real nurses wear stethoscopes. That ignorance led to pictures, videos, tweets, posts, grams and the sundry hate mail.

That’s when the corner offices at ABC determined a mea culpa would be the best way to show their fans their real view. Only, not so much.

Pandering isn’t really the most heartfelt way to apologize. But it’s easy to assume that the ladies received a chewing-out from management because that was so over the top. And didn’t you love, “And nurses, if you’re watching…”

Don’t worry Michelle, they weren’t. They couldn’t hear you on account of the stethoscopes in their ears.