NY Post Columnist on Sexual Harassment: “Deal With It!”

Stop being so lawsuit-happy and suck it up, ladies. So says columnist Cindy Adams in her criticism of ex-reporter Adele Sammarco, who recently lost her sexual harassment case against her former employers at Channel NY1.

Deal with it. That’s what we did in our younger, prettier days. Dealt with it. In some cases, sticking a pen in the guy’s lower belly and whispering politely, “Try that again, pal, and you’ll have to go to Emergency to pee,” worked just fine.

Adams goes on to tell two disturbing anecdotes about being sexually assaulted as a child – and then brags that she never told anyone until now, that she dealt with it.

Really? That’s the solution to molestation – keeping quiet and maybe sticking pervs with a pen? Thanks Cindy, but we’ll hang on to our lawyers and our handguns instead.

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