NY Post Wrongly Accuses Man as ‘Bag Man,’ Daily News Enjoys Every Second

The New York Post is looking worse and worse as the events unfold in Boston. Despite an attempt by Col Allan to defend the paper’s cover which portrayed two men as the Boston Marathon bombers (which we know now they are obviously not), and the Post backtracking on the story, this week has been rough for the tabloid. Which makes it a great week for the Post’s rival, the New York Daily News.

The Daily News took advantage of the bumbling Post by publishing a story about one of the men on the Post’s cover, Salah Barhoum. “It’s such a disaster,” he said. “To be blamed for all that injury and death. It’s the worst.” He also told the Daily News that he was being called racial slurs at school because of the Post’s photo. Barhoum’s father expressed outrage.

“Whoever did this is a real criminal,” he said. “This is a mistake — but who will pay for the mistake? It is us. I can’t send my kid to school!”

Even with all this happening, Allan had no regrets about running the photo. It wasn’t until much later in the day that the Post ran a story explaining what everyone already knew: That Barhoum and the other man weren’t suspects. In a statement, Allan said “We stand by our story.”

The Daily News is glad they are.

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