NY Times Deputy Publisher A.G. Sulzberger Talks Shop

"The path to excellence requires us to make choices."

In an interview with Poynter, A.G. Sulzbergerthe New York Times’ new deputy publisher—discussed everything from ad revenue to layoffs to his biggest concern about the company.

The complete interview is well worth a read, but below are some highlights.

On the realities of ad revenue:

We know our journalistic ambitions are expensive — for example, sending reporters to cover the fighting in Mosul or enlisting a team to dig into a presidential candidate’s finances — and that reality requires that we continue to focus on aggressively growing digital revenue.

On the possibility of folding the print edition of the Times:

The landscape is changing so fast these days that it’s wise to stay away from predictions. But I don’t think many newspapers can say this: We would still be profitable on subscriber revenue alone.

On layoffs:

The path to excellence requires us to make choices. And if we’re being honest, we still do a lot of things that no longer serve today’s readers as well as they served readers in the past. My colleagues make the case regularly that we’re doing too many things simply because we’ve always done them.

On his biggest worry:

Ensuring the news report is living up to the very high expectations we set for ourselves and making sure that we’re building a digital business large enough to sustain those ambitions.

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