NY Times Lists All of Trump’s Twitter Insults


The New York Times has done the impossible: Collected all the insults Donald Trump has hurled on Twitter since announcing he would run for president.

Of course Trump probably already insulted dozens more people/things/places/events since the list was published so there’s much more work to be done. Still, this is a strong effort from the Times.

Here are just some of Trump’s media-related insults:

The Times:

“totally dishonest”
“so dishonest”
“a fraud!”
“false, malicious & libelous”
“has become a joke!”

Vanity Fair:

“doing really poorly”
“has gotten worse and worse”


“looks like a tabloid”
“loves to write badly about me”
“so wrong, so often”


“dishonest reporting”
“put together a hit job book on me”

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