NY Times Public Editor Will Watch Business of Times

The business of the Times is just as important as its journalism.

Elizabeth Spayd, the New York Times’ public editor, has shed a little more light on which story lines she’ll cover when she starts in a few weeks.

While Spayd has already said she’ll be watching how the Times deals with its digital transformation, Spayd told Poynter that she will also keep an eye on the business of the Times.

“My focus will be more toward the journalism, but the two are so intertwined,” she explained. “One of the struggles I think journalists have had is, they think they can look the other way and let someone else figure out the business side of what they’re in. That is just completely blind to the current reality.”

As for the inevitable grumbling that will come when she begins criticizing Times staffers, Spayd said “It’s really important to me to do a good job, and I can’t concern myself with whether my comrades in the newsroom like me or not.”

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