NYC May Launch Taxi-Hailing App

New York City may introduce an app that would let New Yorkers hail yellow cabs with their phones, according to reports in the Daily News and The New York Times.

The proposal is being voted on by the city. Here is more from The New York Times: “The commission had been expected to vote Thursday on a proposal permitting New Yorkers to request a yellow taxi ride on their smartphones and allowing drivers to receive requests and confirm pickup locations, negating the need for passengers to raise arms toward oncoming traffic. David S. Yassky, the commission chairman, said it was now probable that a vote would be held instead on a pilot program with similar features.”

This isn’t the first time that New York has had an app for hailing taxis. Uber, the company that hoped to connect car services with passengers via a smartphone app, gave up its New York City business after only six weeks, claiming that they faced challenges with NYC transportation unions.