NYC Priest Pulls Gun on 8-Year-Old Boy for Being a Cowboys Fan

"Wisdom is better than weapons of war..." ~Ecclesiastes 9:18a (KJV)

“C’mon folks. It’s just a game!”

It seems every weekend that statement is said somewhere in America because people just can’t have nice things in sports. Many of us at PRNewser and Adweek are full-fledged sports fans, but once the game is over and the fanfare has simmered, we go back to the daily grind.

And then there are the hapless dolts who can’t. Like … Father Kevin Carter of St. Margaret of Cortona in New Jersey. Yes, as in a priest!

As if the Catholic Church needed a reason for its recent PR lovefest to end, we meet this cat from Little Ferry, N.J., who was arrested on Friday after allegedly pulling a gun on an eight-year-old boy. And this was no ordinary gun.

We’re talking a Civil War era musket still in working condition.

Carter, 54, was charged with one count of fourth degree aggravated assault with a firearm and one count of third degree endangering the welfare of a child for an incident that occurred back on Sept. 13 (following the Giants’ loss against the Cowboys).

From NBC New York, this is how the post-Reconstruction reenactment went down:

The priest allegedly approached the boy before Mass services at the church on Sunday, Sept. 13, and asked to see him in one of the rectory rooms, according to prosecutors.

Once they were in the room, the priest allegedly had the boy stand against the wall, then retrieved a musket and pointed it at him, prosecutors said, citing several witnesses.

“As he raised his weapon and pointed it at the boy, he said, ‘I’m going to shoot you,'” Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli told NBC 4 New York Friday.

Not quite the love of Christ there, Padre. The boy wasn’t harmed but we don’t think he’ll be converting to Catholicism anytime soon.

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