NYT Now: Great, for Some

unnamedTimes Premier and NYT Now, the new digital offerings from The New York Times, are now live. The former is basically for Times addicts, the latter is for people who might read an article or two a week. Since we tend to lean more toward a Times addict, let’s take a look at NYT Now. Below is a completely scientific review of the app that no one else on the Internet could ever do. Enjoy.


NYT Now is certainly nice looking. It’s easy to read and the photos are vibrant. The app icon is even cool — it’s an oversized Times “T” set against a bright white background. We’re the type of people who arrange our phones apps with the smartest looking ones on the front page, so this is important to us.


The app is fast and easy to navigate. That’s mainly due to the fact that there’s not much to it (more on that later). There are three tabs — “News,” an arrow designating editors picks, and a bookmark for saved articles — located at the top. When there’s an update made to a section, a tiny blue dot appears above it.


The News tab is all the top articles from NYTimes.com. What makes NYT Now enticing is the Picks section. There’s a great selection of articles there. As of now, there are articles from NPR, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Esquire and more. It’s a great way to be exposed to interesting items from around the web. The Picks tab is definitely our favorite part of NYT Now.

Overall experience:

NYT Now is great, but only for some people. If you’re someone who enjoys reading the news, you’ll probably be frustrated by the app. As we mentioned, there just isn’t much there. But that’s the point. The app is designed for casual readers. We’re Times subscribers, so we get the app for free, but we wouldn’t pay for it because there isn’t enough content. The Times is hoping that there are enough people who feel the opposite — that anything more than what the app offers is too much. If nothing else, NYT Now is a smart attempt by the Times to attract a new (paying) audience.

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