NYT: Our Paywall Won’t Repel Bloggers’ Awesome Links

Anyone who might have been wringing their hands about a dropoff in traffic that might accompany The New York Times‘ metered-model paywall can rest easy. Peter Kafka of AllThings Digital reports that the Times‘ paywall will be super friendly to blogs and the inbound links they generate.

Writes Kafka:

Because that theory requires New York Times (NYT) management to work hard to scare away bloggers and other linkers (from Twitter, Facebook, etc.). But the Times says it’s going to make the commonsense move of encouraging links to the site.

Remember that the Times is building a “metered model” whereby visitors to the site can read a certain number of articles per month for free. That’s designed to keep attracting the casual, drive-by readers who make a up a large chunk of traffic at most sites. Even better: Bloggy links to the site won’t count against readers’ limits.

He then goes on to quote Times spokesperson Stacy Green. She says, as executive editor Bill Keller has in the past, that most readers won’t face any hardship as part of the new subscription strategy. Plus, the Times won’t let a link from a third-party source be the one that triggers the paywall.

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