NYT Staffers React To Layoffs

When Silicon Alley Insider asked a reporter inside the New York Times newsroom if he knew anyone who would take the buyout, the reporter replied: “Ha! Absolutely not!” So layoffs to reach the 100-staff reduction are likely on their way, and right before Christmas, too. The last day on the payroll for buyout-accepters will be Dec. 23, according to a posting from the New York Guild.

SAI collected some reactions from NYT reporters, which you can view here (though our favorite’s below. edit to add: “favorite” is a poor choice of words. We don’t think anyone misinterpreted us but what we meant was that the sentiment expressed in this Tweet seems to sum up most accurately what we imagine is going on there right now. thanks for letting us clarify.).

The one bright spot, if it can be called that: The contract signed by Times employees require that severance payments be based on the employee’s pay level prior to the 5 percent pay cut that most employees took in March (the one that was supposed to prevent the need for layoffs this year—oops). Times SVP for operations and labor Terry Hayes agreed that severance payments wouldn’t be based on the reduced salaries and noted that currently, management has no plans to ask the guild to extend the pay cut.

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