NYT/bit.ly News.me Social News iPad App Released. Me? Heading Back to Flipboard & Pulse

The New York Times backed the News.me project and partnered with bit.ly to produce a for-pay social news app.

News.me (iTunes App Store)

The app itself is free. However, like The Daily, it has weekly and annual subscription fees (99 cents and $34.99, respectively. Prior to the app’s release I wrote this based on the overview available for it.

NYTimes News.me a Hybrid of Flipboard & The Daily

News.me is also licensing content from popular free blogs and news sources like AP, Fast Company, Forbes, GigaOm, and Mashable to provide rich content for their app. Of course, you could subscribe to the RSS feeds of most if not all of their sources and use Flipboard or one of the other RSS re-display apps to create a personalized newspaper.

News.me wisely chose to provide a free week of service access to help people get comfortable with the app and, they hope, chose to subscribe after trying it. I, however, will not be subscribing to it. The vast majority of the information provided is either from my Twitter feed or free sources that I can aggregate in other apps like Flipboard. Aside from paying for content that I can mostly get for free, my other issue is the way News.me displays content. There are huge areas of wasted white space that results in a long of scrolling. Social news apps like Flipboard and Pulse provide a much more efficient display that is also visually pleasing. A good example of wasted space in general is the page that comes up based on my Twitter feed. One-third of the page is a picture of me, my name, and my Twitter profile. Hey, NYT, I already know that stuff.

FYI. In case you were wondering, “.ME” is the top-level domain for the country of Montenegro.

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