NYT/bit.ly’s News.me for iPad App Shedding it Subscription Fee

The News.me iPad app was funded by the New York Times and developed in partnership with bit.ly. It is, generally speaking, a very similar to Flipboard except that it only looks at your Twitter feed (if allowed), featured Twitter users and select RSS feeds. Unlike Flipboard’s free service, News.me charged weekly and annual subscription fees (99 cents and $34.99, respectively). This week, however, they service became a free one.

News.me is all grown up (and now free)!

When News.me was launched in April, I wrote: I, however, will not be subscribing to it. The vast majority of the information provided is either from my Twitter feed or free sources that I can aggregate in other apps like Flipboard. Aside from paying for content that I can mostly get for free, my other issue is the way News.me displays content. There are huge areas of wasted white space that results in a long of scrolling.

The apps layout has not changed. However, the pricing change (fee to free) makes it worth taking a look at.

News.me (iTunes App Store)

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