NYT‘s Keller: Most Readers Won’t Feel the Paywall Pinch

Fear not, casual readers of NYTimes.com: the site’s impending paywall may not affect you at all. It’s loyal readers who should beware. Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, says that the paper’s upcoming metering system won’t meaningfully impact most non-subscribers, reports Joe Strupp for Media Matters.

“Those who mainly come to the website via search engines or links from blogs, and those who only come sporadically — in short, the bulk of our traffic — may never be asked to pay at all,” said Keller in an email to Strupp. Keller further said that the Times doesn’t expect the paywall to meaningfully hurt overall site traffic, which he noted is important for advertisers, and that readers who “read a lot and depend on” the Times, will be the ones to pay a premium.

Keller said last week that the changeover to metered access to the Times‘ website would take place in January of 2011.

(h/t MediaPost)

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